Beautiful still of Olivia Hussey from “Romeo and Juliet”.

Banlieu 13 - District B13 by Luc Besson. Recommended. A ton. See it. Love it. Fandom it. Pls *makes with the puppy face*

Looks so much better in person… But here we go!! A little AU concept drawing I did.
OTP AU, so excited for Edge of Spider-Verse!
Please do not steal, do not repost or use.
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Anonymous said: I've found you so pleasing to look at.

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hey check it out, it’s the Spider-Woman who’s already more interesting than all the other Spider-Women!
I’m looking forward to Spider-Verse Gwen Stacy a lot! The Gerard Way story sounds neato too.

Video: Chill Chihuahua Puppy Enjoys a Neck Massage